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Of Females and Feathers - 4
[Warning: Read author's comments first if you don't like Lezzy Dash. ;p]
Rainbow Dash had partially hoped that perhaps if she didn't wake up early, or either pretended to still be asleep, her parents would leave her alone and drop the whole idea of her joining her father at work. Knowing her mother, though, she didn't fully expect the hopes to happen. And they didn't.
Father and daughter were now on the way to the weather factory, the place Rigel always referred to when he spoke about "work." Rigel had worked at the weather factory for as long as Rainbow could remember; she'd only been there a couple other times, back when she was a young filly, and she didn't remember all too much about the place. She really didn't care about getting a memory jolt, either. But most importantly, she didn't want to be around all the other ponies that would be at the factory.
The factory wasn't far from their home at all, and as most of the short trip was spent flying in awkward silence,
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Mature content
Of Females and Feathers - 3 :iconmyambergirl:myambergirl 4 6
Of Females and Feathers - 2
[WARNING: Please read author's comments first, especially if you don't like slash. :aww:]
It'd simply been too much for the young Pegasus. She didn't want to be a lesbian. She couldn't think straight, or even barely fly properly with the thought that she might actually be one stuck in her mind. For nearly a week she'd tried to brush it behind her and continue on with the current summer's flight camp as if everything was normal, but with no luck at all she'd finally come to her conclusion, and the only way she'd be able to get past the discovery: she needed to leave the camp, and go back home to Cloudsdale.
Her current term in the camp wasn't over yet, but that was hardly a concern at all to Rainbow Dash at the moment. She couldn't go on with the state her mind was in; she'd just have to come back and finish her term once she'd gotten over her newfound issues. Gilda, of course, hadn't been happy to hear she was leaving, and had tried to convince her not to, to carry on
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Mature content
Of Females and Feathers - 1 :iconmyambergirl:myambergirl 7 10
With Bangs - III by myambergirl With Bangs - III :iconmyambergirl:myambergirl 2 2 With Bangs - II by myambergirl With Bangs - II :iconmyambergirl:myambergirl 0 2 With Bangs by myambergirl With Bangs :iconmyambergirl:myambergirl 0 4 a Taste of Yellow - III by myambergirl a Taste of Yellow - III :iconmyambergirl:myambergirl 1 0 a Taste of Yellow II - remix by myambergirl a Taste of Yellow II - remix :iconmyambergirl:myambergirl 3 0 a Taste of Yellow - II by myambergirl a Taste of Yellow - II :iconmyambergirl:myambergirl 1 0 a Taste of Yellow by myambergirl a Taste of Yellow :iconmyambergirl:myambergirl 0 0
Of Time and Summer Skies
~Read Artist Comments First~(:
You tell me, you're in love with me
Like you can't take your pretty eyes away from me
It's not that I don't want to stay
But every time you come too close, I move away

From the day she'd met him, he'd told him he loved her. Every chance his bright little self got. She could remember him being silly about it when they were younger; but as time passed, it had never changed.
Sometimes he tried to let her know with little things, tiny quirks of his: a grin when they saw one another, a wave when he wanted her attention, a shout when he really wanted her attention, and the occasional request to take her on a date. But most of the time, his methods were always a bit more…obvious. Most of the time, he didn't hesitate to come out with what was truly on his mind – her.
"Oh, c'mon, Sakura-chan! Maybe Sasuke doesn't wanna be with you, but I do!"
Thinking of the words he'd spoken oh so many times, she couldn't help but smile.
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Mature content
Let It All Run Down :iconmyambergirl:myambergirl 2 10
Like the Back of My Hands
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It was cold.
That was how Konoha was, though – warm, sunny, and filled with green in the summer; cold, cloudy, and laced with snow in the winter. But luckily for the village, and for its namesake, the snowy times didn't last nearly as long as the green times, the times with the leaves that made it a place few could forget.
Such cold and snowy months were usually good for keeping anyone indoors; anyone except training shinobi, of course. More specifically, anyone except Rock Lee. And this was exactly the reason the young Hyuuga girl was on her way to the training grounds, braving the snowy weather to find him there.
If you don't believe me,
If you don't like my plans,
You mustn't tell me,
How I know your face like the back of my hands

Hinata had been walking a while now, as the grounds were a good ways from the main village. One might say she was a bit crazy for suspecting this was the place Lee was, going all the way ou
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At the Speed of Her Hand
~Read Artist Comments First~(:
It was late. Not too late, but just late enough to notice the coming of nightfall. The two shinobi had been training since daybreak, however, and things one normally wouldn't notice, like a bit less sunlight to shine through the trees, was something the two of them noticed immediately, and tiredly, willingly accepted. They'd need to get home soon. The next dawn waited for no man, and they were certainly no exception. There was sleep to be gotten, and more training to be done another day.
Neji Hyuuga was never one to be impatient with the night, as he knew the benefits of rest well. Tenten had always been a bit different, despite her teammate's knowledge.
"C'mon. We should get back," he said, having no hesitation to begin his walk from the training grounds the team had been using for a while now, ever since they'd become a team to begin with.
But instead of a reply, the Hyuuga got a kunai knife soaring mere centimeters from his front side,
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Between Such Secrets
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"Are you sure you want this? I can stop…"
"N-No! I mean…I want this…I want you. I just…"
"Just what?"
"…I've just never done this before."

She'd woken up with the very words in her mind, just as they'd been hours ago. In fact, everything was just as it'd been hours ago. Except her. Opening her eyes to the summer rays of morning, she couldn't help but wonder if the previous night had only been a dream. But she knew such wonderings were wrong; she could feel the cool sheets against her naked form, hear his quiet breathing next to her, and she could only imagine what she'd gotten herself into now. No. It wasn't a dream.
Hesitantly, she turned her head to look at her sleeping love, and before she'd even realized it herself, she was rolled over completely, soaking in the proximity of the first morning after, and ever-so-lightly touching the face of the man who'd finally stolen the innocence she'd held onto for t
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Well, kind of. :O_o:

I've recently become a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic whore, and I was already a pairing whore, so now I'm just whoring out the fandom with pairings and fanfiction. I started a new fanfiction about Rainbow Dash in general, because I think she's a lesbian, and I just wanted to write a little backstory for her lesbian-ism.

:giggle: But yeah. So far I only have two chapters, but I'm working on the third. I really really hope I can finish this story.

I don't know how often I'll be here, or how much time I'll have on my hands to write when classes start back again, in September. Especially since I'll have a ton of work on my hands, from that, and from having to do stuff around the house while my mom's at work. :tantrum: But I am going to try!!!

In any case, I hope everyone's doing well. :D and if you're a Ponies fan, I hope you enjoy my new fanfiction.

Shalom. :aww:


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